No Fireplace…No problem!

It’s about that time again! Lights are twinkling, the festive music is playing, everyone is gearing up for my most favorite time of the year… Christmas! I grew up in a household that decorated for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. It’s a tradition I have had since I can remember. Out with the Fall decor and in with the Winter!

I also grew up not able to hang my stockings by the chimney with care, well because, we didn’t have a fireplace. We always hung out stockings in the arch way near our tree, and I never had an issue with this, that is until I moved into my own home. We didn’t have a fireplace nor an arch way to hang them. The first two years we lived in our home I hung them on a hutch and/or a window. Now you may say to yourself whats the big deal, they are only stockings and they are only up for the most 25 days but for someone like me that needs everything in the right place this was a problem for me. So I came up with a solution that I think ANYONE without a fireplace would love to have in their home.

The Stocking Stand! This amazing stocking stand was SO simple to create, I used a banister post, a dowel, pine circular plaque, 3 coat hooks, and of course some paint!

24296419_10103799977846155_53082100205487742_nThis whole project took me about an hour to make, I painted all the pieces prior to putting them together to make complete. I then enlisted the help of my husband to help me screw the bottom Pine Circular Plaque onto the Banister Pole, that part was a 2 person job, but after that, it was smooth sailing! I added our adorable wooden name plate onto the dowel for customization and then I hung my stocking on a stand with care. As simple and relatively easy as it looks, that’s how easy it was to create.

I am obsessed with my stocking stand and I know am offering customized stands for not only Christmas stockings but for coats!