Hello, 104 weeks later…

Hey loves!

So it’s been awhile… 1 year 10 months 7 days ago to be precise. A lot has happened in between the last post and today. Let’s do a run down and than we’ll reintroduce.

So since the last post, this lady got pregnant and had a baby boy named, Luca. You would think that would be the only change funny how life works that way… I decided to do a complete career change because when you have a life change everything else changes along with it.

After I had my beautiful baby boy, almost 4 weeks early and after a short NICU stay, I took my allotted 12 weeks of FMLA maternity leave and when I went back to my full time job life as I knew it before I had a child was completely different, that one hour drive to work each day became so painful and dreading, leaving that tiny little face each morning was unbearable when I just had the scariest birth experience.

The truth is as a modern day woman, you’re sometimes not allowed to say “I need time” we’re all suppose to adapt and move on quickly because that’s what society has taught us over the years.

My water broke at 36 weeks and I was working up until the day of even though I knew I should have taken time for myself to prepare my body for this crazy but beautiful body transformation. It’s just crazy to me how the workforce in America has no support for woman especially after bringing life into this world.

Things needed to change for me in order for my happiness and the happiness of my family. We took a big leap and had faith and I left “corporate America” job and decided to put my heart and energy into my family and my small business. We are 1 week away from a year of this big change and I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions in my adult life.

I may have to hustle a little bit more but it’s so worth it, I absolutely love being able to be present in my family life.

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my first day

So today is a day that I never saw coming. Maybe I played out in my head a couple of times before I would go to sleep on a Sunday evening anticipating a too early Monday morning without coffee but never did I actually imagine that my scariest nightmare could happen. 29, last year of my 20’s, fighting off this adulthood I am so obviously in but naive to really accept it, engaged, home owner, and aspiring teeshirt designer? refurbished furniturer? animal lover? designer? etc and etc on whatever else I feel the need to be, faced to figure out what to do career wise for the rest of my life.
How does one figure these things out? I never really understood how someone can wake up every single day and smile at the idea of going to work. The people that say they do, who are you? where do you work? and are they hiring? Lately going into the office I started wondering, did my God really put me on this earth to work a 8-5 job and not feel like I’m contributing to the success of the awards others are reaping? and then I was faced with the decision, do I accept this or do I change it up completely?