Wedding Bliss & Interior Design

Good morning all! It’s been a couple of months since my last blog post, I am terribly sorry for the delay, it’s been a crazy couple of months. In the 5-6 months since my last blog entry I have gotten married, expanded Urban Hippie LLC, and have be enjoying a beautiful summer with my family.

Just to give everyone a recap, Urban Hippie LLC specializes in, refurbishing and creating home décor, bath essentials, and apparel. We recently have started taking on jobs for interior design. We are able to come into your home or place of business and transform it to your vision and also use your current pieces and restore them into new decor. I am loving these amazing opportunities and feel so fortunate that people love our style and work that UH is being sought after.

Another incredible update is that Urban Hippie LLC has been featured in THREE publications for our work at a May wedding we supplied decor for! This has been such a huge honor to be recognized across the country. We offer decor for special event as well as making timeless bridal brooch bouquets that last not only during your special day but for years to come.

The publications that have featured us are, Borrowed & Blue , Modern Weddings, and in September we will be featured in Glittery Bride! (I will post the link when it becomes available.)


Our gorgeous Brooch Bouquet that was created for our May wedding


If you are interested in interior designer work or wedding decor and bridal brooch bouquets, we are now offering all 3 services! Inquire today for a free quote!




Upcycling is the same as new, right?

I have been interested in all things design since I was a youngster. I think when you are able to create something with just an idea and use your imagination and others fall captivate within it that’s true success. So many times I would create or redesign something and not think much of it and then I would get a complement and then I would think to myself why don’t I show off more things. I had the passion to design tee shirts back in 2009 and almost 9 years later I found the same sort of passion within upcycling furniture. I love taking things that people don’t have a need for and toss it out like last nights meatloaf. So many times I have been approached with, “I’m getting rid of this dresser, would you want it” Heck Yes! free furniture, why not!
My first piece I upcycled was my mothers hutch, this hutch was in my family home for about 20 something years, my mother painted it every color under the sun. My mother would always make things “work with what she had” and I believe that’s where I get my eye for redesign, yes its red today but tomorrow I can make it blue and then next Thursday I can change it back to red, oh the possibilities are endless when you just use a little imagination.
I decided to paint this hutch an off white to fit perfectly in my dining room. I have different colors in my living room so I knew I wanted to have a balance with some pieces I put in there. I love golds, reds, and greens but I did not want to make this hutch or my living room for that matter a scene from Mr and Mrs Clauses North pole home.
Because I am 29 years old and I don’t have the use of a hutch as most do, I decided to convert my hutch into a dry bar, perfect space for my glasses and the storage underneath is perfect to house the bottles.
I have to admit, even though I have had this hutch in my family since I was a tyke, every now and again I will get visitors asking me “where did you get this hutch?!” and I simply have to say, I upcycled it and made it brand new again!