The Ultimate Gift Guide 2019

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift this holiday season? Well me too! Just Kidding! I would like to think I have come up with the ultimate gift giving guide to help you narrow down your Google searches and hopefully you land here and impressed with the choices I have given you.

New/ Expected parents, I have probably listed this one first because let’s face it, I am still in this category and my toddler is not old enough to “ask” for things so this is my list of things I would hope he asked for to make mommy and daddy’s life easier.

Let’s talk about this portable high chair from the Paper Store,

highchairThis highchair is an easy on the go  chair with how innovative, practical, and portable it is. I loved this thing and still use it today! It cleans so easily and perfect to have just in the back of your car for “just in case” purposes. Not only that it’s so lightweight and fold’s up just like a lawn chair.

This highchair is usually listed at $69.99 at the  Paper Store but if you purchase The Paper Store’s 2019 Exclusive Cardinal Ornament (Only $3.99, in store or online) they will take 20% off your entire order, that’s a $14 savings on a great gift!

Another awesome gift idea for the parents of a toddler and a toddler that just wants to be involved in the kitchen or whatever their parents are doing. The Adjustable Kids Learning Stool, Kids Kitchen Step Stool with Safety Rail-Solid Hardwood Construction from Amazon 


I love this stool for so many reasons! It grows with the child from ages, 18 months to 60 months!

It helps elevate your baby to counter height. Kids can help out in kitchen: baking, mixing, preparing food, cleaning up, or other hands-on situations. It will make your kitchen full of fun! You could also put it in washing room so kids can brush teeth by themselves. It’s 4 feet high and has settings that can help accommodate the average height of a 12 month baby up to a toddler of 6. It’s made from solid hardwood and carefully coated with durable, nontoxic, lead-free coating. Fences around big standing platform(19.5*13 inch), so kids won’t fall out from high place. The dimensions are, 19.5″L x 14.8″W x 37″H. And they are offering a 30 days free return and life time free parts guaranteeThe price point is a little steep at $130 but this isn’t a one season gift, this is something that can be used day after day!

The Home Bodies: Nothing says “home body” like a warm comfy Sherpa weighted blanket! I love anything Sherpa and then you go and add a weighted blanket to it and now I don’t want to leave my bed or couch. Walmart has a great selection and plus their black Friday deals are insane! blanket

Weighted blankets may be used to help people with anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, or autism to relax, sleep, and wake feeling refreshed.





Moms: As a mom I never knew how much I would love a set of new and stylish… towels. There I said it! I love when my kitchen and bathroom display adorable linens that go with my decor! I found the most amazing, soft, and stylish towels at Olive and Linen. Their linens are actually Turkish Towels and I am obsessed! Turkish towels are flat woven, lightweight towels that are both beautiful and functional. IMG_7635_395f4640-5a1f-45d4-bddd-c6276b2560e0_1024x1024Also known as peshtemal, fouta or hammam towel, Turkish towels are more compact and versatile than terry looped towels. They can be used as a bath, beach or kitchen towel as well as a picnic blanket, scarf, sarong, tablecloth and even curtains. They are the ultimate go to piece that you will reach for everyday. Olive and Linen are having a great Black Friday deal, everything is up to 75% off with free shipping!


Dad’s: Self Charging Wallet. Say that 10 times fast. This ultimate gift for dad or really anyone will have them thanking you for the thoughtfulness. For the minimalist traveler or just someone thats phone is always dying, this slim case has been designed in tannery leather that softens over time. A modern take on the classic wallet, the updated find has four card slots, one cash slot and holds a full charge to keep you connected during busy work-to-play days. It’s also ready for foil-debossed personalization. slim-leather-charging-wallet-c

The wallet is listed for $79 and to add the personalization it’s only an additional $10 but if you use the code: “Friends” you will get $15.80 off your total and it will only be $77.85 with FREE shipping! What a steal!





Long Distance Friends/Loves: So you are far away but still want to show each other you are on each other’s mind. The perfect gift for people who are long distance is the awesome, Long Distance Friendship Lamp found at Uncommon Goods

lightsOn the website you have the option to get one ($99) or two ($198), but what I really love about these lamps are that they, light up loved ones’ lives—across town or across the world.  The function is still the same: Touch yours, and theirs emits the same glow to send a little “thinking of you.” Creating a group? You can also assign colors, so each person gets their own special hue.

Grandparents: The truth is grandparents typically don’t “need” or “want” anything than to be around their grandchildren, so to make them feel near their grandchildren all the time the best gifts for them would be anything personalized. You can find a ton of gift idea’s with personalization on the website, Etsy.  For instance, this blanket that was personalized is so adorable and is one of the great personalized gifts offered on Etsy. il_794xN.2101987871_quml

Etsy connects people looking for unique goods with independent sellers around the world. When you shop on, you can choose from millions of handmade, vintage, and craft supply items created and curated by millions of independent sellers. This is one of the reasons why I tend to use Etsy because I love supporting small business’ and local artist. Local Artist and Small Businesses don’t necessarily need to be the people right outside your home, these are people all across the world and Etsy allows you to support small by doing so.

The Give Back/Stylish gifts:  Have you heard of Pura Vida? Well two Southern California friends—Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman—took a college graduation trip down to Costa Rica in the summer of 2010, they came across two artisans whose colorful string bracelets captured the simple beauty of Costa Rica. Sadly the artist were struggling to survive on their artisan wages, living with their family in a single room with three beds. Desperate to find some way to help, Griffin and Paul asked the artisans to make 400 bracelets to take home with them, they put the bracelets on display in a local boutique, selling out completely within just a few days. And it hit them: These pieces were more than just simple friendship bracelets.3F9A2520_1200x1200_crop_center

I love these bracelets and not just what they mean and stand for but because they are so stylish! Pura Vida is having an awesome Black Friday sale, everything is 50% off! I also have a coupon code: DanielleGiordano20, this code will also give you 20% off your entire order!





Child(ren) Gifts:  Let’s be real for a second, toys are what every child wants for Christmas, but lets be practical this holiday season. Toys come and go, they break, pieces get lost, and ultimately, that toy isnt “fun” anymore. But do you know what is fun and what a child may cherish? Experience gifts!

What is an experience gift you may ask yourself, well an experience gift is one that provides a child a memory. From museum memberships to sporting passes, you can give your kids more than just another object for their playroom. It can create memories, help build skills and provide fun for the entire family.

Need some ideas? Here is a few to think of as options,

  • 1. Children’s theater season passes
  • 2. Trampoline jump passes
  • 3. Zoo membership
  • 4. Full session for new sport (gymnastics, football camp, etc.)
  • 5. Trip to the bookstore to pick out new books
  • 6. Local + national state park passes for a year
  • 7. Plane ticket to visit someone special (grandma, aunt, etc.)
  • 8. Pass to an art museum
  • 9. Cooking class for kids
  • 10. Tickets for child + friend for a local play
  • 11. Pottery making classes
  • 12.  Out of country airfare + accommodation (if you want to be truly indulgent)
  • 13. Swim lessons
  • 14. Aquarium yearly pass
  • 15. Subscription box
  • 16. A train ride to somewhere they’ve never been
  • 17. Musical instrument + lessons
  • 18. Flower or herb seeds to plant a garden
  • 19. Ballet classes + tutu
  • 20. Ceramic painting class


I hope the gift guide can assist you with coming up with the perfect gifts for your loved ones this holiday season. If you are not interested in purchasing gifts, I will be posting some awesome DIY gift idea’s in next weeks blog post. Check back!

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Colorful Colorado

So guys, I know my typical posts are usually DIY’s but this post is about a recent 3 day fun filled trip I had taken to Colorado.

My fiance was turning 30 and I decided for his milestone birthday that he deserves a trip, well he deserves more than a trip because he has to deal with me and all my DIY’s haha.

Justin has always wanted to go to Colorado, for skiing, however, his birthday is in the beginning of October when clearly its still fall and there is no snow, so I had to really do some research to make this trip as memorable and entertaining as it would have been if we were skiing down a black diamond in Aspen. Let me be clear, if HE was skiing down a black diamond in Aspen, myself, I would be perfectly content sipping hot coco in the lodge 😉 Anywho, my research started a month an half before his birthday, first I started to keep an eye out for flights, affordable flights that is. Luckily I pinned something awhile back saying the best time to look for flights is on a Tuesday 6-8 weeks before your trip, which worked out for me because my research started on a Tuesday and it was luckily 7 weeks until we would have left, amazingly I found (2) round trip tickets for $220 each! what a steal!

Now with flights out of the way, I went on every hotel website under the sun to get the best deal, and if you all know me, I love a good deal! Luckily I found a hotel 20 min from the airport and also 10 min from downtown Denver, perfect location and right smack in the middle of everything, and the best part, I didn’t have to pay anything until we stayed. ( This was an awesome find because if I found any better deals I could cancel at any time and it didn’t cost me anything, luckily I never had to cancel because the hotel price and location was perfect for us.

So I checked off the flights and hotel and now its time to plan the days and what we were going to do, the fun part!

I started Googling around “Things to do in Denver, Co” and “Places to eat in Denver” My fiance is a big foodie so I had to make sure we ate at some highly recommended places. I found myself on TripAdvisor and a few other websites.

I made notes of all the top attractions and started to map out our days with the places people recommended, on our first day, since our flight landed at 11:30 AM, we really had the whole day and we didn’t want to waste a day hanging in a hotel room asking each other “well what do you want to do, where do you want to eat, check google” I wanted to have a plan, hence why I made an itinerary to refer to each day.

On the first day, since we would have the whole day, I didn’t plan anything solid, so no tours, or appointments we had to make, it was a flexible day. We picked up our rental at Enterprise and drove off towards the hotel, since we knew we couldn’t check in yet and we were starving, we decided to go to The Source in Denver. The Source is an artisan food market that is in an 1800’s brick foundry building in the North District of Denver’s River. It’s literally a mall for food and its amazing, they have everything and anything you can think of, food related. We ate at the Comida, its a taco truck turned cantina and they serve the most amazing Mexican street food.

img_31031  img_31041

After we stuffed our faces we headed to the hotel to check in, luckily they let us check in an hour early. We relaxed for a bit until it was time for a little road trip at 5 PM to Colorado Springs to check out the Garden of the Gods. Seriously, if you ever have the chance, you need to see these red rocks, they are simply amazing! We opted out of the tour and decided to just walk around the and take in the beauty of the Red Rocks themselves, its an experience that I will never forget.

14680563_10102803973726395_1667152631732550546_n 14721648_10102803973821205_2152511874549206571_n

After we walked around the Garden of the Gods and took in the beauty of these rocks, we started to get hungry and I have to be honest, I didn’t do my research so I didn’t know where we were going to eat, this was probably the only thing I forgot, but not to worry too much, I went on Trip Advisor and found Caspian Cafe Mediterranean 5 minuets down the road from the Garden of the Gods. This place was delicious, they serve Mediterranean, Turkish, Greek type of food and they even have belly dancers! It was a great ending to a great first day in Colorado.

Day 2,

The next day, I planned for us to go to breakfast at Snooze, an A.M. Eatery in downtown Denver and let me tell you, the 30 minute wait was fine with me after I had my first bite of their amazing OMG French Toast! Justin wasn’t feeling the wait but once the food came it didn’t matter anymore, now we know why there was such a wait the food they serve is not only mouthwatering but pleasurable 😉 HIGHLY recommend!! We ordered the Pancake Flight (shown below, Pumpkin, Blueberry Danish, and Peach Cobbler) a Benny Duo (eggs benedict) and the OMG French Toast


14642283_10102803973347155_832904038442394713_n 14721483_10102803973382085_2457104828913872428_n 14713764_10102803973312225_420244112383380359_n


After we indulged all this deliciousness we decided to go for a walk around downtown Denver, we found Coors Field and a bunch of astounding street art, this city really spoke to me. It was just so unique.

We looked back at the itinerary and decided to head to our next stop, The Flatirons in Boulder. Boulder is about 40 minuets from Denver so we hopped in the car and made our way out to Boulder. As we are driving you notice all these mountains from afar, its simply breathtaking and almost like you are in another world if you have never seen views like this before.

The trail for the Flatirons is a 3.3 mile loop trail that leads out from the trailhead westward through open stands of ponderosa pine before the junction with Doudy Draw Trail. Prairie Vista connects with Flatirons Vista South. The views are insane and there is no other way to explain how breathtaking they are. Another highly recommended place!


After we were done hiking we headed to our last location of the day, a tour on the Banjo Billy Bus Tour around Downtown Denver for an hour an half bus ride telling us and showing us the history of Boulder. This tour bus is not your typical tour bus, its an old school bus tricked out to look like a traveling hillbilly shack, we heard ghost stories, crime stories, and had a history lesson. We even saw a bear in a tree that day! Unforgettable times!


Once we got off the Banjo Billy’s Bus Tour, we were dropped off conveniently at Hotel Boulderado on Spruce Street which is only a block away from Pearl Street Mall. The Pearl Street Mall is not your typical Mall, its a four block pedestrian mall in Boulder and it stretches from 11th street to 15th street. We did some shopping and explored the different vendors. We ate at the West Flanders Brewing Company, they have Belgian inspired craft beers and delicious “pub food”.

We had a 30 minute drive from Boulder to Denver and after the delicious pub food at West Flanders we decided to get dessert at the Little Man Ice Cream in Denver to add some sweetness to a great day. Little Man Ice Cream is a 28 foot tall 14K ice cream can that brings you the most incredible vegan ice cream handmade with its finest locally sourced ingreidents. Justin ordered the Space Junk and I had the Salted Oreo in their handmade waffle cones. The Little Man experience is another one that is unforgettable, they provide live music, slam poetry, movie nights, and while we were there, their very own pumpkin patch!

14590291_10102803972868115_7364247427804071030_n 14705651_10102803972808235_4388735280683959968_n

Another perfect ending to an adventurous day.


Day 3,

The last and final day, and also my honey’s 30th Birthday!

We decided to eat at the hotel that morning, we had a free breakfast buffet coupon our hotel gave us because I told them we were there for Justin’s birthday.

I scheduled a couples massage for the both of us to start his and of course my morning right, I found a local deal on Livingsocial and it was probably the best decision I made for that day because with all the hiking and traveling, our bodies needed a good massage, and let me tell you, it was just what the doctor ordered!

After our massages, I set up a tour with the Colorado Cannabis Tour, I can’t speak to much on this tour for personal reasons and of course legal reasons but I will say this, it’s fucking amazing and definitely an experience and I HIGHLY recommend.

Last but not least, I treated my man to a delicious meal at the Guard and Grace in Downtown Denver. They really went above and beyond to make Justin’s birthday special. They had a personalized birthday card sitting at our table for when we arrived and everything from the appetizers to the dessert was delectable and exquisite. I couldn’t of asked for better service, food, or drinks. It made the whole birthday vacation perfect and ended our 3 day vacation incomparably.

All in all, I would say if you have the chance to go to Colorado make sure you check out the following places and I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

  • The Source
  • Garden of the Gods
  • Banjo Billy Bus Tour
  • Guard and Grace
  • Snooze
  • The Flatirons
  • Colorado Cannabis Tours
  • Little Man Ice Cream